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How do you start your day? Do you start it with coffee? Do you start it with music? An exercise? A chat with a friend? Or just plain sitting down and reading something? However you want to start your day, you might want to start it in Tao Dan Park, Saigon the way Vietnamese do.
Tao Dan Park is only one of the many parks in the city. But what makes it special is its area composing of 10 hectares and a cafe where Vietnamese bird owners go to hang their birds. I mean their birdcages. The cafe is popularly called Bird Song Cafe although it really doesn't have a name on it.

As early as 6:30, some bird owners are already bringing in their birdcages covered with fabric to keep the bird from being stressed walking or riding on a motorcycle on their way to the park. The peak time that more bird owners arrive is at 7 AM and onward but not reaching lunch time.  
You may want to know why they bring their birds together. It is for birds to learn different songs from different kinds of birds. 
As a tourist, it is a very beautiful and relaxing way to start my day, especially paired with a Vietnamese coffee.
So, here are some photos of the birds. The owners are alright when taking photos of the birds as long as you don't get too close to the birdcages or the birds will get stressed.
This cafe is in the Cach Mang 8 Street entrance of the park.
After listening the bird song, you might want to go wander around the park. 
Sit on a bench under tall trees, play badminton with friends or maybe with the locals, meet up to play some instruments or practice dancing in a gazebo, or do a photo shoot. I've seen people doing their engagement photos and I've done some with a friend and her boyfriend.
There is also a desert like area in the middle of the park. They have many kinds of cacti and other sharp plants.
There is also a Buddhist temple, I am not sure if it is sacred or if it is a replica.
While walking towards this temple, I saw a friend walking on the grass and up and down the trees.
If you get to meet him and his family and friends, please don't hurt them and just keep distance for the your safety.
I also found a fountain that was not working when I went there, but there were miniature figures like this one.
And here is a really huge tree near the motorcycle parking.
Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.
Please do anticipate for the next food or travel post.

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