Food: Vietnamese Pizza or Bánh Tráng Trứng

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In Vietnam, rice paper wrappers are all over the city as snacks and proper meals.
One of the popular snacks around is Vietnamese Pizza or Banh Trang Trung.

In the most visited area of District 1, 23/9 park in between Le Loi and Pham Ngu Lao street I met a local lady selling this delicious crispy easy treat.
A friend of mine was hungry and so she got this snack which costed 20, 000 VND or 0.87 USD.
She took a spoon from each ingredients available: dried anchovies, dried shrimps, spring onions, pork floss, quail egg and others I do not know of. Then put everything together in a container.
She mixed everything in a container.
Pour them all out to the rice paper.
Spread it all over. Then it is ready to grill.
When the egg and other ingredients are cooked, she then adds some mayonnaise (I believe). We couldn't talk to her in English since she doesn't speak the language, and we don't speak that much Vietnamese either.
Fold it in half.
Put it inside a paper bag and it is ready to eat. If you want to eat some, you can visit her at the Le Loi street side of the street near KFC or buy from someone else you can see from almost every street of Saigon.
By the way, I asked her for permission on taking a photo of her and she gladly accepted it. The consent was by body language. Winking Face Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

Thank you for reading. Please do anticipate for the next travel or food related post. 

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