Travel Time: Central Market & Chinatown, KL, Malaysia

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Whether you are a tourist or a traveler, we all want something to remind us of our travels or a place to dine for something inexpensive or affordable at the least.
Central market is the way to go, well, I'm pretty sure you've known about it already. The place has a lot of souvenir items whether personalized or not. Also, the price is really within the budget range if you ask me. So, one place we did visit on the first few days is this place.
Most people would normally visit souvenir shops on the last day of the trip/travel, but for us, we normally visit those places on the first day of when we touchdown the place. Why? Because we will be able to list down the prices and take note of those, when we go to other shops, we can check if it is cheaper to buy it in the souvenir shops or in the place where we currently look at it. 
Another point to mention is that, because we can save money for what we want to buy. Taking note of the prices and items available. We save money and we can spend however we want since we already put aside a certain amount of money for it.
The central market itself is quite big, with 2 floors and stores and stalls inside and outside of it.
From the top 2nd floor going down
Outside the central market where you can find a lot of artworks for sale.
Beautifully made and colorful scented soaps.

What makes it most memorable for me is the food court/center area. We went there to eat and they got really affordable and delicious food.
Calvin and I roamed the whole area first to see prices and the different food available before choosing what we want to eat. We ended up buying on the first store where we started walking. The food wasn't hot because most of it are already prepared. The soup however was hot enough.
We enjoyed our meal before we proceeded to Chinatown which is just a few minutes walk away.

Chinatown, as it speaks, has a lot of goods made in China and everything else Chinese. There are also food stalls to get some snacks. This area is one of the places in KLCC that is busy every day, every hour, every minute! You can also haggle for prices!
Thank you for reading! Please anticipate for the next food or travel post. 

Photo by Bamboo Hill Tioman

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  1. Absolutely in love with the pics! The cuisine looks delish.

    1. I'm glad you love it!
      And I agree that the cuisine is delicious! 👍

  2. Ooh. Somewhere nice, hoping to get there soon as well! :)

    1. Tell me when you do! You can also check out my latest post with the itinerary in case you visit.

  3. Oh, what a lovely post! The pictures are wonderful. I really want to pack my suitcase and just go! I love your pics and your personal touch. Def going to follow your blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra!
      I'm very flattered at your compliments. I will be checking your blog as well! 😘


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