Cebu: Sirao Flower Garden

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Last year, a flower garden started to excite the locals of Cebu.

And it became one of the destinations I've been wanting to visit  but have not had the chance to do so though it is just within Cebu City.
This time, as it was a holiday, I had booked a van good for at least 13 people. It was cheaper than to ride a motorcycle. Since there were just actually me, Calvin, my friend, and my mom who is going there, we decided to invite other friends. Joiners are welcome in the trip. It is also one way of having new friends, or maybe even your so-called forever.

Well, it was a really cloudy day and few days prior to the scheduled date, it had been raining a lot which discouraged other friends to join the adventure. It was a half day event and only five of us were able to visit (me, Calvin, mom, my coworker, and my mom's coworker).

The rent of the van was really cheap, so if other friends could have joined us, we could have just paid half or less than the usual amount you would pay to the habal-habal drivers for such a trip.

There were a few rain showers, but as we were riding a van, we were safe from it and we still enjoyed introducing each other and talk about our experiences while we were on our way.

Additionally, there were really few people when we get there at around 10AM. Weren't we lucky?
The farm was great!
Lots of spectators and commenters had said that it is a small garden with really few flowers. Well, it isn't and it was actually the opposite.
I don't mind it being called Little Amsterdam or Sirao Flower Garden. Call it whatever you like, I just like it because it was designed well and there were a lot of flowers meaning, a lot of butterflies!
But yeah, because there is a theme "Amsterdam" in the garden, there were decorations like a mini windmill giving each visitors the vibe of the place.

Look at the pictures below, we took them using a phone and a DSLR.

Enjoy looking at them, and if you have time, visit the place. Their blossoming season is on October and November.

Exit area is supposed to be the lane next to this, but didn't notice. Good thing there were few people there and no one coming in.
When I was "playing" with the flowers here, a.k.a photoshoot (haha) I can imagine myself being inside the Secret Garden Korean drama, for sure not everybody knows. See below, a print screen from Secret Garden Korean Drama scene with the flower wines.
They even have dutch costume for taking photos. And notice that pair, they were doing a pre-nup photoshoot.
Huge dutch shoes... >_< I was supposed to take a photo of Calvin wearing that,
but I only took a whole body photo except the shoes part... 
If you want to contact the van I have booked for, you can ask me for the details.

Thank you so much! I know it has been a while since I last posted. See you again!

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  1. Hi! We've been to Sirao last week, I haven't see the windmill. There are a lot of entrances/garden there, where exactly it is?

    1. Hello! We went there on September 2016 and as far as I can remember, it was located as the last flower garden in the row of gardens there.


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