How to order from AliExpress?

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Many people know about AliExpress but they don’t know how to order from it. AliExpress is part of the Alibaba group that also owns the wholesale site Alibaba. AliExpress is the same concept but for the normal consumer.

AliExpress is not one webshop but, it consists of various sellers/companies like Amazon. AliExpress is available in different languages and more importantly they provide a solid buyer protection through escrow. (Sellers will receive the money after a buyer confirms they have received the product)

What is being sold?

Simply put. Everything. On AliExpress there are countless of sellers offering countless of products ranging from small fishing supply to Totoro beds. Yes you read that right, Totoro beds!

Besides everything being sold, it’s most likely always cheaper compared to the local store or mall near you. It’s also nice considering that on most products the sellers offer free shipping, the downside to it? It can take some time to arrive. (Around 2 weeks) It can take a bit longer if the customs are being slow.

Which seller to buy from?

Always try to buy from trusted sellers that have been selling for some time. Look at the items they have sold and the amount of feedback they have received.

On their product pages you’ll find similar results compared to their seller rating.
Choosing a seller which has sold a good quantity of the product you want to buy is a good idea. You’d also see buyer feedback related to the product making it easy for you to judge the quality. Scrolling down you’ll be able to see the feedback the buyers have left.
Aren’t you 100% sure whether you want to buy a product from a seller? Feel free to contact them either by the chat function or message them with your question. They’d be happy to help you with everything.

Ordering your product

You’ve finally reached the point where you’ve decided on a product. And of course you’d like to get it as soon as possible so go ahead and click the buy now option. 

Fill in your address details if you haven’t already 

And proceed to click on place your order to continue the order process.
Till this day Credit/Debit card and WebMoney is the only available options for the people in The Philippines.

Click on the payment option you prefer using and continue the order process. After finishing that you’ll see the average processing time for your item to be shipped!

How do you track your order?

A lot of people have no idea how to actually track their order. But it’s fairly easy when you know how to. Head over to which is a site that tracks various tracking codes around the world.
After waiting for some time till the seller hands over your bought product to the postal office, you’ll finally be given a tracking code in the order information.
Copy and paste the following tracking code into the 17track site, you most likely will be shown some Chinese text but, don’t worry! There is an easy button to translate it roughly to English!
It’s that simple!

Happy shopping~~

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  1. What happens next? How much will the cebu customs charge you for your order?

    1. To be safe, always assume that you have to pay VAT which is 12% of the total costs. To avoid overtaxing always bring your receipts of your online order with you. That way they will be able to calculate the VAT of the receipt.

      When you happen to pay customs you'll most likely also pay for import processing fees which is 250php.

      But it's all up to the inspector, sometimes they tax your package, sometimes they don't. Just always assume that they do and you have the right documents (receipts) with you.

  2. nag order ako sa aliexpredd ng item.kaya lng diko alam saan kanilang payment scheme meron daw sa western union. pumunta ako sa western union wala daw sila na aliexpress

    1. Aliexpress is a marketplace for various people & businesses to sell on.

      If your seller accepts weatern uunion as payment they should provide you with their name, city, address and country.

      With this information you can go to your nearest Western union and transfer the money to the seller.

      After making the transfer you should have received a tracking code of western union, which you in order give to your aliexpress seller so he/she can receive jt at their end.

  3. Kung bbili ako smartwatch halgang 5k magkanu laht babayaran ko ksama custom fee vat etc?

    1. The new law makes it possible to import up to 10k php without having to pay for additional tax etc

  4. Pano po mag pay thru web money?

    1. Credit card is self explanatory. If you have a wallet that is accepted by AliExpress. (Alipay) select, and pay using the instructions of said wallet

  5. may taxes or customs pong babayaran?ano po yun?pano po pag 1k ang order magkano lahat?

    1. No, unless it's more expensive than 10k php


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