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I am a frequent Groupon visitor. Got an app and I always check updates for available coupons that I would like to use for the future.
I already used a Groupon coupon before and I was satisfied, so I bought again for my parents
So, since it is a coupon, it is cheaper than just walking in and dining in the hotel's cafe.
One coupon is for one person since the deal is good for 1 person too.

Since the availability of this breakfast buffet is from 6AM to 10AM, and not staying in the hotel, I and my parents had to leave early in the morning. Well, at least at around 7AM to 8AM. Because it was a holiday, only few cars are running in the highway and basically everywhere.
It was a nice sunny Friday morning.

If you ever bring a car, the hotel has a free valet parking for around 2 floors, so when the facade's parking area is already full, just proceed and tell the security guard for the purpose of parking inside.

It's a tight valet parking though.

Well, here we are at: Amo's Cafe!
Amo's Cafe is a mix of European and Asian cuisine with theirony breakfast buffet available from 6AM to 10AM. 
While their A la Carte has a wider selection from Asian, European, and International cuisines.

The sign seen once entering the floor via elevator.

The sign seen from the entrance to the cafe.
The lounge area: 
They even have a grand piano in the lounge! I think anyone can just use that one~ How I wished I practiced enough so I could use that! >.<

They have cakes for sale and computers for internet use. I wasn't able to ask though if it is available for the guests. 
I then proceeded towards the reception area to ask the front desk about the person assigned when the reservation was made.

A staff from the cafe came to us and asked for the groupon copy.
I gave three pages since each groupon is good for one person.
The staff suggested us to sit in the table while waiting for the confirmation because they have to verify the coupon.

While waiting for the confirmation, water was served and coffee was invited. But I declined because I was afraid I had to pay for it, but I bet that was part of the buffet.
Look at these wooden style place mat, it feels like nature. Especially with their yellow green theme of the seat and the texture of their decorations.
Like this one: 

I was getting bored and nervous while waiting for the verification.
So I couldn't help myself but take this photo

And finally the staff came to tell us that we can start eating! Woah, it was such a relief and I'm so glad to start eating. Now, I actually forgot that we were in a buffet, meaning, eat-all-you can.
I thought it was an ala-carte, guess I should double double double check the coupon and it's details.
 In this section, the container in the wall is a mushroom soup. While the containers in line here are: plain rice, garlic rice, french toast and honey, corn flakes and coco crunch, milk, wheat loaf bread, ordinary loaf bread, pandesal or bread of salt, cheese and jams.
Smelling the jam, these are mango jam, orange (I think), and strawberry jam.
I didn't take any of the jam because it looked too transparent for me like there is a gelatin mixed with it. I like a heavy looking and sticky kind of jam. :3

Edit: They are indeed fruit jellies~ *facepalm*

In this side they served the ff: bean sprout soup, Filipino beef steak, crispy flour coated milkfish, and dried fish, and omelet.

The salad and fruits area. They have green bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and olives to mix with their salad.
Fruits that were available at that time are: Papaya, Watermelon, and Pineapple.

They also have a juice corner where you can choose either orange or pineapple juice. Now, I am thinking maybe the orange jam was actually a pineapple jam. I should have taste tested it somehow. Well, regrets are always in the end, it never comes first.
And the dessert, how can I forget about dessert! It is my favorite part.
The dessert is located on top together with this beautiful flower arrangement of red roses and fortune plants.

The pudding or leche flan. Of which I wasn't able to ask. But these tasted really nice and soft and not to sweet. I like how it just melts in my mouth and slides down my throat.

Ube roll or Purple Yam flavored cake roll

So here is my first serving:
Yes, right. Rice. I love rice, so it is usually first in my meal unless there is no rice available.
2 scoops of rice, 1 serving of Filipino beef steak, 2 slices of crispy milk fish, 2 slices of omelet, and 2 to 3 pieces of dried fish as starters.
Paired with juices
 Orange juice~
Pineapple juice~

I was quite afraid of eating milkfish because of the bones it contains, but surprisingly these are boneless milkfish. I felt relieved and enjoyed eating it.
It was fun to have dried fish in a hotel which used to be a food for the poor people before. But now, dried fish is quite expensive, so even poor people can't eat certain dried fish.

Filipino dishes has really strong taste, so pairing it with plain rice is the best or with plain bread.
I actually took some dessert already before filling my plate with food.

After the rice and quite heavy meal, I took another group of food.

Two of my favorites food: corn flakes with no milk and bean sprout soup. Interestingly, the bean sprout soup is really delicious. I don't like my corn flakes wet, so I just kept it like that.
But those two couldn't escape from the hands of my mother. She took some of them, I want to eat them all though and taking another serving is quite unladylike, I guess.
Two slices of french toast showered with honey. I love honey which I even enjoy eating with nothing paired in it. French toast, that was my first.
I first imagined that it was just the same as an ordinary bread and toasted in a toaster or something else although the toasted part and the softness of the food suggested me something else.
When I started eating it, it felt so heavenly. It was like a pancake but has a harder and fuller texture than a pancake.
It feels like I want to have it again. I can't stop eating it. I shared it to my parents and they agreed that these are really delicious.
Or maybe because it was my first time to eat that. Well, I would be willing to eat another french toast in another shop to check which one is better. But for now, let this be the winner.
My parents had already finished eating their fill so my dad enjoyed watching basketball in the big flat screen by the bar area. While my mom enjoys talking to me and my dad.
Then, it is time for salad!
I first had this, but it looks so lonely, right?
I forgot that there were other vegetables. I looked at the vegetable area and filled this leaves with more!

See~ It's full of carrots! I almost emptied the plate in the area.
I just love carrots, fresh, cooked, half cook, overcooked carrots.
Filled the salad with tomato love and olives. But! I didn't like these olives when I ate them. I preferred the black ones where they are put as toppings in a pizza.
Well, it was fun eating this. The salad dressing tasted really nice, a little bit sweet and a little bit sour and it is pink! What a cute color~

Then! It is time for dessert!
I should always put the dessert as the end of every meal to fill my stomach. As they said that desserts make stomachs full.
My dad and I shared this plate so each one of us gets one piece from each food.

I first ate the papaya, then pineapple, bland taste first to the strongest taste.
Then the pudding or leche flan with icing on top and chocolate syrup, lastly purple yam roll.
Yet! It made my appetite open for another round of food.
I had eaten purple yam roll before, but when I ate their version, it felt like I was in wonderland. It was so different. The soft and heaviness of the cake, together with the filling and frosting, it was totally a new experience for me.
Then the staffs put another dessert in the buffet area.
Since I want to eat another, although I felt like I am almost full and another serving would really fill me up, I still did. Because I was craving for another.
My mom asked too because she was curious with my reaction.
So here, another pair of purple yam roll but now, with something bloody in it. Could it be strawberry jam or juice?
Well, it was not obvious, I could only taste the cake.

Banana cake with frosting.
This cake is always have a heavy texture. Banana cakes are usually bland and the sweetness level is around 2 if 1 is the lowest and 5 is the sweetest. However, with a frosting, it makes the banana much sweeter leveling up to 3 at least.

After a few minutes of rest and finishing my juice, we stood up and left like we didn't even pay.
Of course, I already paid for it when I bought the coupon. Like a boss!

Now, Groupon asked:

Well, I can't really say that I recommend Alpa City Suites as a whole because I was not able to enjoy their rooms and suites, just the buffet.
But because in the Groupon deal, it was all about the cafe.

Share your experience too!

Alpa City Suites information:
Address: Hernan Cortes cor. F. Cabahug Sts., Ayala Access Road, Cebu City 6014
Telephone No: (032) 238 - 1668
website: alpacitysuites
Breakfast Buffet Value: PhP 295.00
Requirements: Call a day ahead at least for reservation 

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