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Mall of Asia, one of the biggest malls in the world. What could it offer?
For a person who only has 1 hour to stay at the mall to catch the checking in time to the airport, what would make one enjoy it?

Of course, obviously, no one can just tour all around Mall of Asia and enjoy strolling into shops that is not available to any other SM department stores in the country.
One reason to stop to the mall was to withdraw money. I had to look for an ATM machine and specifically for a certain bank.
Unfortunately, the bank that I wanted to withdraw from had its machine under repair. So I had to use another. 
Well, one reason that I wanted to use the ATM machine of my own bank is because any transaction that I will do will all just be for free. Compared to banking on another ATM machine, some fees will be charged. For normal local banks, balance inquiry costs PhP1.00 and withdrawal of any amount costs PhP11.00 and will be deducted immediately to the account.
After the transaction, I had decided to treat my aunt to a sushi restaurant.
Yes! Finally, I have found a conveyor sushi restaurant. You read that right, Conveyor Sushi.
I have seen a conveyor dumpling or something like that in a Chinese restaurant at Ayala Center Cebu, I have not seen a conveyor sushi in Cebu. So I was so excited. My aunt was excited to eat a Japanese food too. I just realized, she is a Japanese food lover too!
We were both so excited. We only had less than an hour to leave for me to check in two hours early for my flight back to Cebu.
From the first place, why was I at Manila? Uhmm... I was just there to visit Mall of Asia and head back to Cebu.
Of course not. I was there for a reason, a very important reason, but that is not our main topic for today.
Let's go back to business.
So we entered the restaurant. Wait! One thing I almost forgot. While walking around MOA (Mall Of Asia) I was bringing my luggage with me. I kept opening it whenever I walk in and out of the entrances and exits of the mall, that was because I wasn't able to put it to some luggage counter. I too basically doesn't have an idea where to put it. Also, with so many people around the mall and the establishment itself is huge. I guess I'll lose myself first before putting it somewhere, and I might forget the place where I had put it. Thus, leaving me carrying a 4 kilo of luggage and a backpack. 
Opening and closing the bags are so troublesome especially with my luggage that looked like a very full stomach. 
So, be sure that you will know where the traveler's lounge is or where to put your things as you stroll around the mall. I do not want you to go under the same hassle like me.

We did not want to go back to the entrance and open my luggage again to get inside the shop so we looked for the outside door. BUT! There was a sign, a very sad sign "Please use the mall entrance." I felt so down, I wanted to tell the security guard "Please don't let me do the same trouble again. I passed here since earlier and I just walked for a few minutes away."
Surprisingly, the security guard DID recognize me, but still I had to open my luggage.
I did not close my bag anymore since the shop was just beside the entrance.
That was it! Time to eat. I was so hungry and my aunt was so thirsty. I pushed open the glass door and three staffs greeted us with "irasshaimase" which means "welcome" and I responded with a bow and an "arigatogozaimasu" which means "thank you" in a casual manner.
This plant is just beside the entrance door.
As you can see, the seats looks like wasabi~ enticing!

As you can see in the wall, they also offer bento, teppanyaki, ramen and other Japanese dish.

sushi sushi sushi all over~
  One of the waitresses asked for the number of people occupying a table. A table for two of course is what we asked. There is a table for four, a table for six and even for just one person wherein when you will go alone, it is like eating at a bar facing the moving sushi choices directly in front of you.

On a wall, just beside the table, where the conveyor is located, there are small notes like this:

There is a menu available for ala carte food. But we ate in a buffet because we only wanted sushi.
The buffet offer is good. Honestly speaking, most buffet restaurants in Cebu offers an eat-all-you-can in a fixed price without drinks. The bottomless drinks comes in with a different prices, thus making you pay higher compared to this one. There is already free miso soup and bottomless green tea whether it is hot or cold.

Since the food is already served, the waitress just put a wasabi in a saucer and put it on our table. She also served the miso soup after five minutes and the bottomless iced tea.
There is already a chopstick on the table.
What was funny was that, I thought I just need to pick it from the box. I didn't notice that there was a glass. I should have looked at it. 
Here comes the food!

Get ready, pick your choice and get it. 
Here are some of the sushi we took:
I think this is an eggplant coated with egg and chili paste. I do not know what this is called though. 

Tobiko Nigiri or Flying fish roe

This one is an uramaki or an inside out sushi coated with sesame seeds and crushed nori or seaweed.

Tuna nigiri sushi with wasabi on top.
Disclaimer: Please do not follow and put that much amount, you will be teary eyed in no time, and for those who can't tolerate, you might just want to stop eating.

This one has a chili powder and a little bit of wasabi. Really seriously just a pinch, but it still stimulated my nasal through my mind. This one is unfamiliar to me. I have not seen a sushi with chili powder on top, and the fish seems different than the usual ones used in authentic Japanese sushi. 
The first one I ate was Kamaboko kani. It is a fake crab nigiri sushi or fake crab hand-pressed sushi. I wasn't able to take a photo because I was enjoying it too much. While my aunt first picked the Inarizushi which is a fried tofu pouch filled with sushi rice. 

The miso soup was finished in no time. That is how hungry I, we were.
The bottomless green tea. 1st round
There were still more though. The black pots are the miso soup containers.
 The green tea we ordered was a cold one since we had experienced a couple of hot days. Just additional comment for the green tea. It is not bitter at all. Not the Japanese macha kind but it is a Filipino blend tea. Just like a regular iced tea but in a milder scent and flavor. Some might fancy this one, but for me - a recently not into too much sweet drinks, it was sweet for me.

We ate quickly since we had to catch the time, and we had forecast a heavy traffic going to the airport due to construction and since it is the capital, of course.

We were already full, so we got up. But, I did not expect something. I felt a bit sad.
I saw these:

They were not available in our area while we were on our table. I felt sad, there is no conveyor sushi in Cebu, and I do not know when I can go back to that mall just to eat those sushi. Or will I be able to find a sushi restaurant that offers a variety of sushi in my home land.
Well, SM Seaside will be opening soon before I know it, it might be available.
So, there, we stood up and about to pay to the counter.

See that table with piles of saucers, that's ours, and I mostly ate here. 
There were plenty of choices, and going there with a starving stomach was a good choice.
It was unplanned, random and we just wanted to drink something cold. But fate brought me there. And the universe conspired to my long time dream. I may not have able to eat in a conveyor sushi restaurant in Japan, but at least I was able to experience it here in my own country.
That was a really good experience. Sushi is always L-O-V-E.
For sushi and Japanese food lovers who would go to MOA, it is a good place to eat, relax, and enjoy chitchatting with friends, family, or relatives.
It is the only restaurant I went in at MOA, so I could only recommend that when visiting that mall.

Food trip, is always my fave.

See you for another food trip!

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