Strawberry Float

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Hi! I'd like to introduce to you, Strawberry float. This is not the same float as when you order in some cafes or restaurants. This has the same structure as Mango Float that almost looks the same as a Tiramisu. This is a very simple dessert, so quick and easy. Now, let's prepare all the ingredients. First let's get the fruit! Strawberry.

As you can see, this is still stored and wrapped. Let's get started with cleaning and taking of the leaves from the fruit. Ta~da~
Don't wash it too much because the ripe strawberries' seeds will be taken off in the process. It is best with seeds!!! Anyway, as you can see it is sparkling and is very clean. Oh! Don't forget to drain it so that it won't be damaged although it won't stay wet for long. So, let's slice these up!
Slice the fruit vertically. Not too thin, and not too thick, just enough that it won't damage the whole food. Let's put the fruit aside and prepare for the cream!

The first picture above is an all-purpose cream, while the one below is a condensed milk. These are bought in cans. The two must have almost the same ratio so that the float will be of good texture and it won't melt easily. Now, mix the two cream and it will be like this:

Again, let's put this mixture aside and prepare for the construction of the float!Kao Cherry Emoticon
Let's start with the flooring...

Using Graham crackers, fill the bottom of the container with it. Putting some crushed grahams will keep the holes closed.

The next step is,
pouring the cream all over the first layer of grahams. I crushed the grahams manually, that is why some of it are still in bits and pieces and not totally crushed. RO SmileyIt looked bad, but it won't be felt because the grahams will become soft after putting it in the refrigerator.
It may look like this, if you put a lot more cream, the brown colored ones from the graham crackers will be gone. Then, put the strawberry slices in the cream without overlapping each of the slices. It is alright to overlap it if the slices are very thin.
After the strawberries, put another layer of graham crackers like the first layer, properly covering the cream and the fruit. Again, do the steps from the beginning until the last cream. For the topmost part of the float, use crushed grahams instead of the crackers and put it in the refrigerator.

And this is the outcome after about 12hours in the refrigerator. Honestly, this one is a one layer strawberry float with a lot of cream and fruits. I was not able to take a picture of the three layered float I made.Pucca Smiley
I was too excited for the picnic. I actually brought this food for my picnic with my friends at the end of the year 2012. It was fun though.My Melody Smiley
Anyhow, it is good to eat when it is chilled. Try to make it so that you'll know what it'll taste like. Okay? Kao Cherry Emoticon
I feel so accomplished after making this simple dessert. I liked it when my friends gave a positive response on it. It is very simple but it is extraordinary. Hello Kitty Emoticon

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