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Here comes one of my favorite months! November! Halloween, the change of Autumn season to Winter season, the breeze changing from hot to cold.
Halloween is a common celebration for Filipino people but is not the same as the Western culture wherein trick or treat is almost a tradition for children. What is prevalent in the Philippines are personal ghost experiences stories, houses inhabited by the "unlike us", tales of spooky places. Halloween has the most eerie atmosphere, because at such time of the year it was said that the veil between the world of the living and the dead assumed to attenuate. Thus, people felt specially close to the dead. I just found out the reason now. And as such, people particularly Filipinos shows horror programs on television.
Well, celebration does not exclude horror gatherings, right?
During Halloween, that is from October 31 to November 2, Filipinos go back to their hometown to visit their relatives - dead relatives, or a dead someone who left a mark in their lives. Within those days, it is usually a National holiday and a lot of people have their days off! And I got two days off! So, to start with my first day off. My mother and I went to a cemetery near my school to visit my grandparents' grave and offer them flowers and prayers. We usually visit with the whole family, but this time around, my father went to his hometown alone. Therefore, my mother and I spent another day outside the house! Literally.
Next, we went to the mall across the street and ate in a Korean restaurant named Il Mee. I searched for its English meaning or translation and found out that it means "good flavor or relish".

The Korean characters are read as Il Mee.

There were plenty of Koreans, a group of Chinese, a few Filipino guests including me and my mother, and a French person.
The waitress immediately gave us the menu and arranged the table with silver wares.
We ended up choosing these:
This is what I chose. I really wanted to try this food.
This one is for my mother since this dish' taste is not as far with breaded pork that we usually cook at home. My mother haven't tried Korean food, and it is her first time, that is why I suggested this to her.
And for us to share.
While waiting for our orders, we chit chat for a while as the waitresses prepared the table with silverware (spoon and chopsticks) and service water and glasses, they also served the side dishes.
These are the side dishes. From left of viewer's side to the right.
I think this one is a vegetable pancake. There were spices and the flavor isn't very strong. A mild one to pair with Kimchi.

Cabbage Kimchi. The Korean signature for their food. I wasn't able to love Kimchi the first time I ate it, but then as I try my best to understand its taste, I came to realize how good it is. The smell of the Kimchi is very strong, but the taste is very sweet. But this time, the Kimchi had a lot of salt, so it was salty.
Cucumber with Kimchi. It was really good! The cucumber was still very crunchy and the Kimchi was quite sweet, maybe because of the vegetable? I don't really know, but I loved eating it.

Sauteed eggplant with a lot of spices. Not Kimchi, just pepper. It tasted like common sauteed eggplant here in the Philippines. I even wondered if it is a dish from Korea or from my country, or from any other country.
Sweet potato! I love these very much. My mom enjoyed eating this one too, however as you can see there are only three slices, so we cut the third slice into halves just to share the side dish. It was really new to me to eat sweet potato covered with caramelized sugar.

Potato with Kimchi! Yeay! Really good. The potatoes were soft and squishy and the taste of Kimchi blended very well with the vegetable!
The side dishes itself made us almost full, good thing my order arrived.

Fresh shredded cabbage, shredded seaweed, sliced steamed carrots, sliced steamed chayote, steamed or boiled water spinach, half cooked sunny-side-up egg and the reddish rice.
I put some sweet chili sauce and it made my Bibimbap a lot more tasty! Banzai!
Then, mix all the ingredients in the bowl! Wee~ It was really good!
I also got Tofu soup. It was really good. The soup was a bit spicy and hot. It was still boiling when it was served. When I thought the soup warmed down, I tried eating the tofu but what a surprise! The tofu was very hot in the middle. It retained the temperature even after I ate all the food in my bowl.

Red rice, with fresh shredded cabbage, carrots, and cucumber topped with mayonnaise, fried pork coated sauce and sesame seeds.
The rice

Fried pork coated with sauce and sesame seeds.
The cabbage with cucumber, carrots and mayonnaise.
Egg rolls! It was very soft. The texture of the egg was so tender. The vegetables just melts into the mouth. The taste was just normal, no plenty of salt since eggs are a bit salty naturally. Enjoyed eating this one. My mom love this one. Now, I wonder, how many eggs did they put into it? How did they do that? Just take a look at each layer, it is very thin, and reminder, it is a continuous layer, I mean it is like a rolled cake. But this one is very long and quite large if it is true.
 We weren't able to finish the egg roll, so we asked the waitress to pack it and we head to our next destination. We visited a horror booth with my friend, then my mother and I went back to where we were and bought some tea. Milk tea. We went home and watch some dramas, and that was how we spend our first day of the month and the Halloween. 
Thank you. :)

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