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I have this group project in my Filipino language class which is role playing. Instead of acting it in a stage, my group decided to make it like a movie or a short film because we got a lot of locations for our script. One of the locations is "The Bada" which is located near Parklane hotel which is very near from Ayala Business Park. I really wanted to go to the restaurant since seven months ago. When I always pass on the same road for about five days because I attended a training at Trinity Condominium for my work.
I got two classmates along with me, a male and a female. While on our way to the restaurant, we passed through a cafe named "Japanese Cakes". We stopped there first and took a look at the cakes they offer. There were plenty of cheesecakes, and the coffee beans' color is the same with the color of the peanut peel. And there was more! The aroma of the coffee was really good. Wait! I'm not to talk about that one. Hehe. So, we went out of the shop after looking at the prices. A slice cost about $4 considering the conservative method. I actually found another shop that offers $1.5 a slice of a cheesecake. Ah ah! Let's go back.

We walked for about ten to fifteen meters and there we were! The Bada! If you are going to translate it in English... literally, they used "The" from the English language to state the title, and "Bada" means Sea in the Korean language. Wondering why they used blue color as the background and a feather? Well, in my own perception, the sea basically has no own color, the color it has comes from the sky. Reflected down below and enhanced by the marine habitat. Now, let's get inside the restaurant!
I'm actually daring to show my face. :) 

So, this is the entrance. There are a lot of rooms actually. Not really rooms, but tables divided by a wall of bamboo or plain wall and the doors are covered with uniform clothing like a door curtain. Having a really private place with the friends to eat and enjoy dining. The room is also very cozy because of the yellow lights. The seats were also good because it is cushioned and there were throw pillows too. We were situated in an air conditioned cubicle so it was really comfortable.
The curtains are really good. I mean, they have totally different colors which made my curiosity rose up.
This curtain covers the window. This isn't the curtain used to get inside the cubicle. 
The Korean restaurant is owned by a Korean man, and there were two servers, one is a male and the other is a female. The male assistant showed us to our cubicle while the female assistant gave us the menu.
After deciding what we want to have, I went out to the cashier area and told them about my orders. (Mine and my classmates' orders actually)
I chose Japageti which is black noodles that almost looked like Jajangmyun. ;)
My classmates chose one dish to share, and they chose Seafood Ramen and a bottle of Fresh Soju.
I don't intend to drink any alcohol, but my friend wants to drink so I allowed him to order just one Soju for him to consume. After ordering, I went back to the cubicle and we started filming for our Filipino project.
While we were still deciding on what to do, they gave us a pitcher of cold water and three glasses. After taking the order, they served to us the Soju and I was surprised to see three shot glasses!
Well, another surprising thing is that the shot glasses has the word "Chamiseul" written in Hangeul in it. As you can see. Chamiseul literally means "real dew". It was really amazing that I wanted to bring the shot glasses home, but I am satisfied with just the picture though... But I want to have the same shot glass as a souvenir~ XD
Then, we started filming already when suddenly... my favorite part of going to Korean restaurants, they gave us side dishes or you can say appetizers! I love to order one food and receive more! :)
In the picture you can see radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi, sausage with sesame seeds, and sauteed string beans. Let us take a closer look. :)
Let me introduce to you the following:

Radish Kimchi
As I can recall, this one is juicy and crispy. Because of the thick texture of radish, even if it is fermented, the crunchiness of the vegetable remains and also it makes the spice milder as what I observed.
Cabbage Kimchi
This one has a pungent smell and taste of the spice. That was my first impression of Kimchi when I first tasted it. Then after two more taste, I eventually like it. It is more spicy since the cabbage absorbed all the spices.
Sauteed String Beans
For people who don't like Kimchi, this one is for you. This beans didn't contain any spices, however, it is oily. I'm pretty sure they didn't use sesame and olive oil to cook this. But, because it is only of this portion, I bet it is safe to eat.
Sausage with Kimchi and Carrots :)
And the best among the rest. Of course, meat! But they didn't take away the Korean touch. They put on Kimchi which made it spicy. The smooth texture and the sweetness of the meat makes you forget the spiciness of the Kimchi. Ah! It's a lure. Haha... To make a person eat it without really noticing the smell of Kimchi.

The side dishes were all spicy but I enjoy the spice in it. Now, I'm used to the smell of Kimchi so I was enjoying it especially the radish kimchi. After a few more minutes, our orders arrived! The seafood ramen was in a really big bowl! I didn't expect that! Haha. The order was enough for the three of us!
I thought it is only for one person and don't forget, the ramen is really cheap! They also have kimbap but I didn't order it, now I am regretting why I didn't, there could be plenty too~

Just after the ramen, my Japageti arrived! Ha. Ha.
I was disappointed. :(
I didn't expect to see my noodle already mixed with the sauce.
One reason I ordered it is because it looked fun to mix the sauce on the noodle, but... but... but my noodle is black already. Well, the thing I did, since I got no choice was to mix the spring onions to the noodles. Bad order!

Now, there we were, enjoying the food, the atmosphere, the pictures of Super Junior and Girls Generation.
My share of the Seafood Ramen. ;)
I added vegetables and some shells to my bare noodles. :)
After eating, we talked for a few more minutes. Took pictures and filmed for the final examination. :) And the result? Well, our professor told us that it is the best project in all those who submitted. Yay! I'm so glad! I spent a sleepless night, and a few weeks just to make the movie! I'll be posting the short film soon. :) I'll be anticipating your comments, suggestions and reviews about this blog and to my work!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read! Have a great day! Support me all the way!

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  1. When was this? Because me and my friend visited the Bada, and it was sooooooo different!


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