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Another inconsistent weather had come to Cebu. Early morning it was sunny, but in the middle of the day rain started pouring and it lasted until the afternoon and sometimes at night. My friend and I were so hungry from our day's work so we stopped by a newly opened restaurant just across our University and is located in a mall. It is a new cuisine and a new taste for me and my friend - Sunako. She'd been there once and told me that the food and the place was really good. I want to go there after she told me, but sad to say, I didn't have any friend to accompany me since she had been busy with her feasibility study and my friend Light was busy with his life. Now I'm thinking I'm the one who is so free. Haha. Well, not that I'm not busy, I just give time to things and people I like to spend time with. So, enough of it. Here we are inside the store! 

You can actually see a part of our University building. Can you see the blue glasses? That's part of our building!

It was early morning so we were the only customers. Hah! Lucky! The place is really very bright with white and gold accent in the surroundings.
We didn't wait for more time, we were already hungry and here comes my favorite part, taking orders. It isn't actually my favorite part but I recently enjoy telling my order with some specifications, like if I want it more spicy or sweet or anything my taste buds crave. This time, we were on a tight budget. Haha. So, we chose to have Rice Bowl because it was cheaper than the other food in the menu. A rice bowl actually cost about forty-nine(49) Philippine pesos only. Sunako ordered a Veggie Curry Rice Bowl while I ordered Chicken Curry Rice Bowl and a Veggie Samosa, which cost about thirty-nine  Philippine Pesos (PhP 39.00). After the waitress, a woman wearing white blouse, black pants, black shoes and her hair tied up so it made her look clean and proper, however her make up was a bit heavy so it quite left an impression on me. Sorry for that, but I really like it if the make up is lighter and I really noticed things like that. While Sunako and I were waiting for our orders, I took some photos and looked at the other food they offer. They actually have some yogurt drink. We watched the television showing some Indian music videos. We can both watch the videos without straining our necks because there are actually two television and it shows one video and the sound was just about the right amount of volume that it wouldn't be hard for the customers, us, to listen to the music even if we hardly understand the songs.
We were able to see the owner of the place! Guess what! He is an Indian! Haha of course it's an Indian Restaurant, it must feel like authentic. So after a few minutes, that lasted about thirty minutes, of wait, our order arrived! (Being specific with the time~ >.<)
 My order arrived first. Veggie Samosa. As you can see it is a fried dumpling, the meat inside are all vegetables. Steamed potatoes and green peas the most, with some spices like black pepper. I'm guessing they steamed or sauteed the vegetables first and put it inside a dough and fried.
 The red sauce is sweet and spicy while the green sauce is quite bland but the aroma is really strong, almost the same like wasabi. If I'll compare it, milder than wasabi. It wasn't spicy at all.
The food looks cold, but it was actually very hot. I almost burned my tongue! A few minutes later, Sunako's order and my rice bowls arrived.
The bowl served to us.

This is Sunako's order.
Here comes my Chicken curry, it was so hot so it looked like this. The hot steam affected the quality of my photo.
It actually surprised me to see their rice. It was long grained! Very different from Japanese and Filipino grains. The spice in the food was just normal to me, the heat of the food as it was newly cooked made it more spicy, but since I'm used to spicy food, it was just a piece of cake for me. I just struggled because the food was hot. Haha. The level of spice in their food was just enough for people who want to try eating their meal, especially for those who aren't used to hot and spicy foods, to make them feel a bit of a bite.
While we were enjoying our food, the waitress who took our order earlier was walking around the place and suddenly she stopped beside our table. Bringing a rug, she wiped the floor using the rug and her foot to rid some dirt on the floor. It really surprised us to see that the waitress was cleaning while we were eating. Another impression, whether others will like it or not, for me, it is really bad. Her actions that time made me remember that she didn't even smiled at us when we were taking our orders and I was asking her about their menu. It quite ruined a part of my day, but a part doesn't mean a whole, so it was okay. But for some reason, I'm hesitating to go back to that restaurant. It is cheap, but the food is just few and they don't offer a lot. I wanted more spice but they couldn't give it. I know I'm a bit demanding, but just to ascertain how she will react and if I'll be able to get what I want, being hungry makes me a bit nagging especially when it comes to food.


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