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On the first day of September 2012, it rained from noon to evening, nonstop. The weather almost conspired with my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to walk under the rain, feeling the droplets of water into my skin, wetting my hair, the cold wind brushing my face, the raindrops were soaking my shoes, my pants, and my shirt as I stayed out and far from my house. Unfortunately, it was just my shoes that was soaked in the rain. My emotions that day was so strong, I couldn't think, I couldn't do anything my rational mind was trying to tell me. I was hungry but I could only come up with something cold excluding ice cream, frozen yogurt, and a shake. I was also trying to find a restaurant or a cafe I hadn't been to, I want a place just in the vicinity of my school, where I only need to walk for a few minutes. I didn't feel like going to the place where my friend and I went once. I really didn't know where I was leading to, where I wanted to go. I didn't know what I was craving, my stomach just kept on growling but I only want to eat something cold in the middle of a rainy day. Then I found something interesting. I decided to walk to IT Park with someone, I miss the place, but my close friends were not around, so I invited a new friend and we went to "The Walk".

The place is quite remarkable. I love the place because of it having green fields amidst the busy urban place. But hey! They were constructing new buildings on that park already. Can you see the building next to "The Walk"? That is under construction. Well, let me continue my narration(?).
My friend and I walked around "The Walk" to find a certain place to eat, but most of the restaurants there are too mature for me. I just stepped in the age of a young adult, but it doesn't mean I have to act the same. Those restaurants I mentioned sells beer, I meant, they offer beer, promotes beer, sounds like encouraging people to drink beer! Also, expensive Filipino food wherein I can just cook it at home if I have the money. I realized now, those restaurants are not for me, again, those are for people who don't have time to cook at home and can't cook those dishes and has the money to order and eat it in the restaurant. The rain gets quieter by then and I only saw droplets of rain, no wind, just pure drizzles.
When I saw Figaro, I looked at the menu displayed outside the store and checked on the prices. Just the same as the other cafe I've been to, it was just that it is more expensive. Yeah, same as the other branded cafe like Starbucks, BO's Coffee, Coffee Dream, etc. They sell the same, they price the same, they are all expensive. However, I wanted my heart to be comforted, money is nothing. I don't have a lot of money, but the thing does not have any value for me. It is just a piece of paper I could use to buy the things I want. Just the things I want. Material things.

Money can buy medicines, but not health.
Money can buy wealth, but not health.
Money can buy a house, but not a home.
Money can buy a bed, but not rest and sleep.
Money can buy companionship, but not friends.
Money can buy entertainment, but not happiness.
Money can buy food, but not an appetite.
Money can buy books, but not wisdom and knowledge.
Money can buy costumes but not beauty.
Money can buy idols but not devotion.
Money can buy clothes but not shame.
Money can buy food but not hunger.
Money can buy flowers but not freshness and fragrance.
Money can buy honey but not sweetness.
Money can buy some things but not everything.
Money can buy luxuries but not happiness.
Money can buy the good life, but not eternal life.
-A quote I found in the internet that defines exactly how I feel about money.

I decided to get in without any other further questions, I consulted my friend and he just nod 'okay' and smiled. It was quite awkward because I was not sure if he would really spend money there. I imposed it on him, good that he was just game for it. So I went straight in front of the display. 
They offer hot and cold milk tea. They offer cappuccino and coffee and such.

I can find Blueberry cheesecake here! There are some brownies and cookies too! But I like cake more. And, I already ate Blueberry cheesecake last time at the Corner Bakery which was priced half compared here in Figaro. So, I ordered a Choco Swirl cheesecake, a Tuna Macaroni Salad, Strawberry Milk Tea with Black Tapioca Pearl. It all amounted to one branded T-Shirt or a per head meal for an eat-all-you-can buffet or an ala carte from a peaceful restaurant! Surprise! 
I wanted to eat Japanese salad, but I couldn't find it here, so I asked the cashier about their salad. The ingredients in each of their salad and I ended up choosing the salad with a picture in the menu. My friend took his order also.

Here comes Tuna Macaroni Salad! There is of course fish which is tuna, lettuce leaves, macaroni, egg, salad dressing or mayonnaise I guess. I'm not pretty sure, but I'm certain that it was really delicious. I enjoyed eating the whole salad. I loved the mix of salt and sour and a bit of sweetness blended on the food. The egg is flat in taste, but it was okay because the mayo itself gave out a strong taste. Also, the macaroni is a bit salty with the tuna. The strongest flavor that I can sense while eating this one was the sourness of the dressing. Well, good thing there were lettuce leaves so I could balance the flavor onto my taste buds. I ate the lettuce with the salad to maintain the parity of the taste. I finished everything and I will be full with it if I got this food as my breakfast or lunch. What I mean is, I eat a lot during breakfast and lunch while I eat a little amount of food for dinner  so that I won't have indigestion. Haha. I'm quite worried about that. Did I forget to tell you? I went to the IT Park in the afternoon, about three I guess. Well, while I was eating, the waiter came to me and warned me that my phone might fell off because I unconsciously put it beside me on the cushion of the chair I was using. I appreciated their concern. Oh! I forgot, I enjoyed how the cashier assisted me while I was thinking for my order. I got a lot of questions, but strikingly, she was able to answer everything and was even generous to give me a smile. I was a bit of a troublesome customer that day asking for a lot of things. Haha. When I was done with my dinner. I ate my dessert! Okay, okay, so I just noticed I am a bit forgetful about a lot of things. Hehe.
Now, you can see the cake I ordered! The Choco Swirl Cheesecake. Hmm, I wonder what kind of cheese they used in here. I'm sure though that the color of the cheese is white! Haha. I love the twirls and swirls of the chocolate, it looks gorgeous. I enjoyed every slice of this cake. I drank milk tea! Strawberry Taro Milk Tea with added pearls. I have some advices, don't ever drink milk tea with taro if you are eating some cakes, it will actually makes you confuse on what you really eat. In any case, if you want to try it, then enjoy.
I'm not supposed to drink cold drinks for my part time work, but because of some reasons, it quite gave an impact to me. I'm still in milk tea until now. 
Here, I love the pearls. The taro was so soft I couldn't like or dislike it. In my preference, I don't like to put taro into my milk tea because of the texture, if the straw will hit it, it will easily get ruined and I don't like having remains on the container. I enjoy having pearls because it makes me hold the container for a while longer, and the drink will last longer than I do. Now, this has ice cubes and I don't like ice cubes on my milk tea. I rather have shaved ice mixed with the milk tea, or the milk tea is really very cold. If there will be ice cubes, I just want them to be invisible! It makes my milk tea really tasteless as it melts.
Realization: Expensive food can really make me full even if the serving is just small. Haha.
Now, let's have a close view of the cake.
In the picture above, you can see the chocolate crust at the bottom, and the chocolate crumbles at the side of the cake. The chocolate crumbles are actually bittersweet. The cake is almost like a mousse, it is soft and it melts on the mouth. And the texture of the cake. It isn't sponge, it isn't chiffon. Oh~ I guess I have to study cakes more so I can describe this to you in every great detail.

 Now, check out the top of the cake. It looks like a Latte. I like the aesthetics of the cake! Really pretty no matter how simple and plain it looks.
The crumbles, the crumbles that almost made me sneeze! If I eat this clumsily, I'll look like a child that does not know how to eat because they get off the cake really easily.

After eating, we stayed and talk for a little while. My friend felt cold because of the air conditioning system was quite strong and the weather was also cold, remember it was raining the whole day until night. I wanted to stay for a while longer, but I have to go back to school to have my attendance sheet for Intramurals be signed. So, we walked out of the shop and opened our own umbrellas.
This is the surrounding when we went out. It was damp, there were droplets of rain, there was no wind, just some breeze. It was dark as nighttime came. We walked on the street with few people and cars, everything was silent. My brain was silent, I kept my companion talk more, I shared some things but everything I say felt empty. I went back to school and stayed there until night and went home until everything was settled down.

_The End_

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