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After work, Sunako and I decided to walk from our office to school! We actually always walk, but this time, we planned on doing some shortcuts. Walking on the street is really dangerous especially with a little sidewalk, a lot of air pollution produced by cars, and dangerous people who might have some bad intentions and motives to people who are walking. The shortcut we took looked perilous because it was so quiet and there were a menace looking people in the area. However, we continued our walk, also, we didn't know anything about the place. I mean, we saw this road that may lead us to our school. Notice the word "may". I'm not implying anything anyway.
We were actually a little bit lost. So, while we were walking along a village/villa like area, our attention was taken by this really cute structure. It out stood the other buildings because of its color. As a matter of fact, the buildings' architecture was really cool. That is why I call it village or villa like. It looked like a cafe from animes. Just looking at the canopies make it more cute. The roof is flat but the canopies gave out shape. Also, french doors??? Haha, because french windows has the same design. The wall paint is very bread looking! Hence, we didn't waste any more time. I just took photos from outside and we went in!

Oh! I just noticed this sign. They actually sell salt bread! I wonder how their salt bread taste like. For your info and for those who do not know, Pan de Sal is Spanish for Salt bread. We arrived at the cafe about ten in the morning, so I or we can't eat salt bread yet.
When we were about to get inside, a security guard in uniform greeted us warmly with a "Good Morning!" The place really looked good! I mean, just have a look at their cashier's table, their bread displays, their rack. Look at the Baguette, if you can see if from here. There were Mamon or Torta in Spanish, chocolate, ube, strawberry and plain torta! There were a lot of breads and sticks and brownies and cookies and cakes! It was like paradise for us. I immediately looked at the display of cakes!
Lite Choco Chiffon Cake. A Chocolate cake that has a light taste... :)

This one also has a light taste of something. It is cheaper than any other. And the cake is not small nor too large, just right.
A dome cake, unfortunately I forgot the name of this cake.
Choco Swirl Cheesecake.

I was still in the middle of confusion on what I wanted to eat because all looked so delicious and a slice will ruin the cakes, Sunako bought a Japanese salad!

I finally chose a cake! Blueberry cheesecake! 

Blueberry jam on top of the cheesecake. The crust is really delicious. Feels like crushed Graham crackers, the one we put in Mango floats. The filling is white! I could rarely feel the cheese in the filling, it felt like the cheese wasn't strong enough making it taste more of a cake. hehe. The jam is quite sour but eating it with the whole cake makes it really delicious. It just all melts in the mouth. It was such a pleasure. Like a paradise, and eating the crust makes me bring back to Earth as it felt like land. 
Now you can see the interior of the place. It was really cozy and warm. The colors were so good in the eyes. The atmosphere was really good. Everything was so silent considering the place that wasn't really big.  I enjoyed looking at the pictures and paintings on the wall while eating my share of cake. They have a comfort room which is quite rare for some cafe me and Sunako had been to. The temperature inside was also comfortable for us. The place and the food were really good, however it isn't accessible. We need to really go there and take a walk so as to save money for jeepney fare and also, if we have a car, we really need to go inside. But if I really want to buy a cake from that place, I will really go to such hassle, anyway, walking in that place feels good and peaceful especially while looking at some really good houses surrounding the area. Hence, I'll really give time just to be there and enjoy and I really love the place, this place is highly recommended! :)

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