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In the middle of the fast growing economy of our country, stopping by a classic restaurant with a totally different feel from a fast food chain. Along Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo, Cebu City, lies this smokeless grill restaurant. It is an all-you-can-eat Japanese, Korean, and Chinese fusion of dishes. They offer a lot of meat for grilling, like beef, pork, chicken, fish, hotdog, fish balls, squid, and a lot more. In their Japanese cuisine, they offer Californian Maki, Sushi, Octopus Sashimi, Octopus, etc. In their Chinese cuisine, they offer corn soup, and a lot of Chinese foods. I wasn't able to get one of it because it was the first cuisine that was almost empty. There were no more food in the Chinese section. They also offer cakes, salads, ice cream for dessert. But in my case, I was not able to eat any dessert because I was already full, and my companion didn't want to stay longer since it was almost closing time already. The place is spacious and each table will be able to accommodate six people, so we really had fun grilling and changing positions whenever the aroma of the grilled meat is getting in our direction. I went there with my friend, I'll call him Light.

Since me and Light went to Yugo on a Thursday lunch, there were only few customers. There are few customers during weekdays, however, on Wednesdays they offer a discounted price so maybe there are more people during that day. It is also a self-service restaurant just like any other eat-all-you-can buffet, so you can choose the amount of meat you like and the sauces you like.

This is my first serving. The one in the topmost left(viewer's) side are liver, the white meat below is a squid. The one next to the squid are fish meat and below the squid is the octopus. The meat was marinated already.
These are Light's first serving of meat... he likes the lighter colored meat and he overcooks it because it looks like bacon. The other meat where the mushrooms were lying were also good, tastes like Tocino(for him). Tocino is a sweetened meat with some other seasonings. He also took some mushrooms tied with a meat, and spring onions tied with meat also.

So, to have some rice, not a lot, i took some Californian Maki, a sushi covered with sesame seeds for a healthier diet and the plain sushi. Their sushi basically have mangoes and cucumber.

We were already grilling our meat.

Another first serving of Light. He got a lot of Californian Maki, a yakisoba, a siomai without any dough, and the cooked meat. He said that the yakisoba gives balance to the taste of all the food in his dish, and when I tried yakisoba, it was quite bland but with all the food in his plate, I guess it really is a very good choice.

The Chef was really friendly that he even offered to slice some red salmon for me. This is eaten raw and I'm not sure if it really is so I tried to grill it but the meat will just scatter and it was cooked fast and sometimes the meat will stick to the grill, so I just decided to eat it raw then. Light actually laughed at my craziness that time. It wasn't cold like other sashimi I've tried, and was naturally sweet.

My second round. The reddest meat, I guess it is beef, I'm not sure though. Below the red meat are pork intestines. There are squids also, a tuna, another fish meat and another pork meat. The pork intestines, when grilled, the fats are extracted and it was really crispy like it was fried, but then it was grilled. The squids are better when half cooked because the taste was really delicious and the natural taste remains. The other meat were already seasoned, but if you want to add some taste, you can add salt or other seasoning while grilling. In my case, their taste already satisfied my cravings for meat. There were certain times that the meat will be overcooked and looked a lot like charcoal especially whenever I did not pay attention to the meat. 

The Filipino Kinilaw! This was found at the Chinese cuisine, it is sweet because it has some coconut milk and it doesn't smell fishy because of the slices of ginger, though I don't eat ginger, I like to have it on my dish. This food is one of my favorite Filipino dishes, so I didn't miss the chance of eating it in this restaurant. It smelled so good and it wasn't sour at all.

Another part of my second round. there are new dishes in my dish. Fresh squid sushi which is not chewable at all. It was good and taste naturally sweet and with a slice of mango matches the sweetness of the meat and the saltiness of nori (seaweed) balances the taste of the food. There were also tuna sashimi, and Atchara. Atchara is a Filipino side dish wherein the primary ingredient is grated unripe papaya. Carrot slices, julienned ginger, bell pepper, onion and garlic. Atchara is usually paired with Lechon Baboy so that it will decrease the taste of oil of the pork. One reason why I took atchara is because I took a pork intestine which was really oily and I can't stand oily food so much and I love eating internal organs, so to speak, atchara exist in my plate! XD

The chili sauce isn't that spicy at all, it was quite sweet and was very good with all the grilled meat.  Even with the sushi and sashimi, it fits very well.

This is our drinks! Unlimited lemonade! Since I've been drinking iced tea and soda, so I chose lemonade. I drank a lemonade from another Japanese restaurant and that was about two to three months ago and I miss this drink so much. The drink was really cold and I was afraid it might affect my voice, fortunately, I was not that talkative that time so my voice was safe! heh~

It was really good and surely it will be a lot more fun if there were more people and my group will eat there. And if I had gone there at their opening time, I would be able to stay until the end of their opening hours for lunch and I could eat their desserts! Nevertheless, it was really fun and the food was really great. I guess I'll be back again for more. I don't care about gaining weight anymore, eating this kinds of food doesn't make me feel guilty. Besides, I ate a little amount of rice, however, I felt really sleepy after eating.

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