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One holiday, it was both mine and my mom's break! Since I work seven times a week, I can only have a break when the company I'm working will give me. Whenever it is my mom's holiday, sometimes I have to work on that day, and on my day off, its her work day too. We have an inversely proportional schedule and it is rare to find a case when we have the same day off. My family rarely visit SM City Cebu but this was the only day my mom and I visited the mall. We went there, of course, to buy shoes! I love shoes, but not any ordinary shoes though... ;) As we stroll around the mall doing some window shopping, I treated my mom with a frozen yogurt! She was craving it for some time already (me too?) hehe.

According to my best friend, google.com, Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made with the cultured, fermented milk product called yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. It varies from slightly to much more tart than ice cream, as well as being lower in fat (due to the use of milk instead of cream). It differs from ice milk (more recently termed low-fat or light ice cream) or conventional soft serve, both of which do not include yogurt as an ingredient.

And the store actually claim that their yogurt has probiotics which means "for life," have been used for centuries as natural components in health-promoting foods. They also claim some POTENTIAL benefits: (a)Strengthening the immune system preventing constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. (b)Prevention of colon cancer. (c)Lowering blood pressure. (d)Lowering cholesterol. (e)Improving immune function and preventing infections. (f)Reducing inflammation. (g)Improving mineral absorption. (h)Prevents harmful bacteria. (i)Growth under stress.

So, let's go on. When we got there, we saw a sign that they were changing locations and that they won't be serving on August but the clerk told us that it was just a wrong post because they can't move yet. And there we were, the first customers of the day. Oh yeah!

It is a self-service store. Since it was our first time, we asked the clerk to put the frozen yogurt and we were the ones who put the toppings already. 
Going to get some toppings after the yogurt. 
Closer view

Here is mine! Soy Latte, with Corn Flakes, Strawberry, Orange and Chocolate syrup as my toppings.
Here is the closest view. Really delicious, it really made me want to have more. Although the strawberry was a preserved one, it was okay for me and I understand because Philippines is a tropical country and the only place that produces strawberries in the country is in Baguio and I'm in Cebu. So I can't ask for a fresh strawberry, but how much I wish it was fresh. The sweetness of the chocolate and the bland taste of corn flakes made the sourness of the yogurt mild. The thing is that, I don't like the smell of the orange. I like oranges, but I wonder why it smelled and taste different. It wasn't sweet and sour at all. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it especially because there were no other customers than me and my mom, first customers of the day. Later, few foreigners came, yet they were sitting far from us, so it was okay.

Closer view

 The closest view. This is my mom's yogurt. She took Cookies and Cream frozen yogurt, with some blueberries, and a lot of M&M chocolate chips. She was able to get a lot of chocolate chips because there were only few chocolate chips in display, it is for more than one serving, but less than two. As a result, my mom got a really sweet yogurt for the day. She likes it though, good thing there is blueberry to have something sour.
Our yogurts beside each other! Anyway, I read some articles that frozen yogurt is not really healthy, and in a frozen yogurt, probiotics are just like sprinkled into, making probiotics unhealthy and this doesn't really have a yogurt in the ingredients as stated above. I'm not encouraging or discouraging anyone, I'm just informing since I'm a little health conscious in spite of eating any kinds and a lot of foods, so for some who wants to know also. However, I think I can have this at least once a month. It won't hurt anyway. Exercise and some other healthy foods will do. 

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