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My friend, Light, invited me to a Korean restaurant in JCenter Mall located along A.S Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. The ambiance of the place is almost the same with the Korean drama Personal Preference starred by Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin. Their furniture are all made of wood, but the chairs are really light so its not hard to pull and push the chairs and it feels homely. The space is quite narrow so its hard to move especially if there will be a lot of customers who will fill up the place, so I advice you to visit the place when it just opened or when it isn't the usual dining time. When we arrived, the waiter immediately greeted us both and most especially he remembered Light so he greeted him with a "Welcome back sir." Well, I'm not sure when my friend went there though, maybe the other day or some other days just a few days away from that day. My friend was talking to the waiter about his preference for his food and after their little chit chat (haha) I gave my order.

Here is my order. Tuna steak with a cup of rice and bean sprouts with sesame seeds. My order came first so  I ate ahead of him. It looked and tasted like a burger patty, but 'maybe' this is healthier because it was made of fish and some vegetables(?). However, the sauce was really good and it goes well with the patty and the sprout, I wonder if I could've asked for more sauce.

And while I was eating, my salad came. Apples, mangoes, lettuce(?) I'm not really sure (Light told me it isn't lettuce, that it may look like one, but it is different. Well, whatever.), almonds and an ice cream like unripe strawberry shake. My strawberry shake came too but I wasn't able to take a picture of it. I ordered strawberry shake. My orders came first and we were both surprised as to why his order hadn't arrive yet. Light then called the waiter and asked for his order, and we were surprised that the waiter didn't take note of his order. Luckily his order was served fast enough that a few minutes later,

this bibimbap came. Cabbage, kimchi, rice, egg, and other seasonings. He waited for his other order before he mixed the food, and since the bibimbap is still hot, so he let it cool first. The egg looked really enticing for me, so I couldn't stop staring at this bowl and have the "I want to have a spoonful of that" look. He said the chili sauce was spicy and told me to have a taste, I resisted at first but then decided to have a little of it, it was just the aroma that smelled spicy and not the food itself. Delicious!

Here comes his second order. Ten slices of Kimbap made with rice, cucumber, egg, seaweed, and some pork meat. He started devouring in the Kimbap and followed with the bibimbap. Those were really big slices and I had a really difficult time eating that because the seaweed was really chewy. The vegetables were fresh, so I enjoyed eating it.

While we were gorging in our orders, he ordered another dish which they call Egg Mari which looked like a rolled omelet. The taste wasn't strong at all, but when I first took a bite, it was still hot so I was like I wanted to spit it out, but it will be so rude, so I just slowly chewed it. Slowly, slowly, slowly until it was not hot anymore and guess what, he was staring at me looking for any changes in my facial expression. That was really difficult to hold. I wanted to cry but I had to hold it in. He teased me for being clumsy so as to pick and eat a freshly cooked food! XD

I ate the salad after eating my first order and it really made me full. There was still Light's dessert, a cup filled with ice cream and a wafer stick but I wasn't able to take a photo because I was busy trying to finish my salad. I was having a a hard time finishing my salad. He didn't bother to help me finish my food, and he kept on bugging me to eat some of his food!
Overall, the food was good and enough for a morning break or a lunch. The taste wasn't much of a Korean, as expected with my orders (haha). So, when I'll go back to that place, I'll order their Korean food and evaluate it. Their customer service was also okay, being accommodating covered their fault that time. If it was I whose order was forgotten, I could give them a really bad remark because I was really hungry that time. I ate breakfast at four in the morning and no more snacks until lunch time, so I might really be mad. I lose my patience if I'm hungry.

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  1. so yummy..it is like "i wanna go there" and order those foods...


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