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Cebuana - Rea; Viajero - Calvin

Rea: This blog started as my hobby of yummy food in Cebu City.
Now, Calvin joins me in both travel, adventures, and searching for good food and accommodation too!
We both just started traveling 2 years ago and we are on our way to explore what the world can offer. Our goal is to make the most of our lives as we share this to all of you and hope you will experience them too.
See you when we meet in between our journey of this planet and living our life.
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  1. Hi there. We are a Spanish couple travelling throughout South East Asia. We have been based in HCMC (Vietnam) for the last 7 months. Feel free to connect with us for tips and advices on your travels around Vietnam. Check our blog out at: http://lacuriosidaddelviajero.com/.

    Safe travels!

    1. We are also based in HCMC almost the same duration as yours. Although I haven't traveled as much as you did here but will try to post about my explorations in the country.


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